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Testimonials & Information

Professional, Courteous, Efficient providing a top quality product at a fair price.

-Martin, New York

Hochstetler Log Homes is very helpful, accommodating, and the most pleasant people we have ever met. Thank You!

-Bobby Kotara, New York

Hochstetler Log Homes is an honest company that will put the customer’s satisfaction first.

-David & Janice Rothwell, New York

Very honest, high quality and easy to work with. I highly recommend Hochstetler Log Homes. We are close to 50 years of age and have always dreamed of owning a log home. With your help our dream has come true. Everyone that drives by or stops to visit is very impressed. Thank you!

-David & Jennifer Card, New York

I think your Hochstetler’s log home kits are very good. I liked the ability to be able to move doors and windows. They make and sell a good product.

-John Filer, New York

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